You are interested to discover
what they think, but how to know?

Business on-line surveys

In a world so competitive like this of today it is very important to have the necessary information to take the right decisions for your business. Do not have such information can mislead your efforts or waste unvaluable resources.

Making surveys among your customers, providers or employees can result in a number of important advantages:

  • Gathering of information vital to your business.
  • Information not coming from market studies in a general market or in other markets, but in the actual market of your company.
  • Cost savings in the gathering and its standardisation for punctual or historical-series analysis.
  • Numberless applications: satisfaction evaluation, demand detection, opinion polls, detection of unefficient process...
  • Empowers the image of your company in front of your customers, providers and employees.

Trendnova can help you in the design of your survey, hosting (without the need for you to make any changes in your web site) and result analysis. The deployment time of one of our surveys is of about two working days and you will be receiving real data in real time.


Information your business needs

Know how you can leverage on-line surveys to improve the efficiency of your business. Their applications are numberless, from analyse demand or customer satisfaction to know what is the climate among your employees.


Survey design service

Trendnova can take care of the design phase for you, studying your project and creating an optimised set of questions and answers, to gather the information that is really relevant to you.


Demo surveys

Trendnova se encarga de alojar su encuesta sin que usted tenga que modificar su web para nada y usted invita a la participación a sus encuestados. Nosotros no necesitamos conocer su base de datos de contactos. Usted dispone en todo momento de un informe de su encuesta para que pueda ver cómo evoluciona en tiempo real.


Ask for a quote

Making a survey can cost less than you think, and the ROI can be very high if you acquire the information your business needs. Ask for a quote and we will analyse your case — no obligation.


Or, if you prefer, do yourself a selfquote.