Demostration surveys and reports

Please have a look on our demonstration surveys. Please take into account that to access the on-line reports you will need to authenticate yourself with the user and password provided in each survey:

Customer satisfaction survey is an on-line services company, which has been in the market for five years. They want to know how customers value the services they deliver and make some research regarding how they got in touch with the firm.

Survey Report
User: ncc-1701
Password: demo
Seminar evaluation survey
New World Seminars is a company which delivers executive skills seminars for medium and large companies. They want to make some research about how the attendants evaluate the results of the seminars and which are their business perspectives.

Survey Report
User: ncc-1702
Password: demo

Notice: All these surveys are fictious and are intended for demostration purposes only.




There are two main benefits of making a survey: For one side you gather vital information for the development of your business; on the other making surveys reinforces the image of your company in front of your customers.

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