Why make a survey?

If you are reading this you are probably in the process of deciding if you are going to have a try with surveys. Perhaps you are not fully convinced if making a survey is or not a good idea.

Please allow me to give you some blunt arguments about why making a survey really IS a good idea:

  • In today's competitive world, to make a survey to gather information has a cost, but the price of not-knowing is impredictible. You have to know to make marketing, sales, human resources decisions. The most remarkable trait of an executive is his/her ability to make decisions. How could you do that without having the right information at hand?
  • The simple fact of offering our customers a survey over our own performance increases the positive opinion on our company, and also increases the number of satisfied customers who will stick with us. As you know, the cost of acquiring a new customer is around 10 times the cost of keeping one current customer.
  • The analysis of the data gathered through a survey can unveil some striking relationships between different operational parameters of your organization. For example, are you aware of the different evaluation of your services from these customer who have been with you for four years to those who have been only for two years? Or, which is the most valued point of your organization among your older customers?
  • Sending a survey is not only a mean to acquire information from our customers, but also a way to send information about our organization, services, policies and priorities. For example, you can show your customer the broadness of your services just asking them their opinion about them.
  • Asking on a subject activates the process of opinion creation: the customer will take the time to meditate about the goodness of the goods and/or services he/she got from you. This will fasten his opinion on your company.

As you can see, there are very good reasons why a survey is a good mean to reach your goals. The difference between data and information is that information is useful data. Knowing what the air temperature is in Seoul is data; knowing what your customer are expecting from you is information.

If you are in one of these areas, you will probably have the need of obtaining information:

  • Marketing: Customer satisfaction, product survey, new product research, new services development, customer non-satisfied needs, brand perception, website perception, etc.
  • Sales: Sales process evaluation, post-sales research.
  • Human resources: Employees evaluation, motivation, morale, exit survey.
  • Event and courses: training, seminars, webinars, lectures, course evaluation.
  • Community: Opinion, decision making, priorities.

Probably you have some more in mind! Surveying is a convenient, quick and affordable technique to gather not only data, but information which will help you make decisions.

If you try a survey you will discover that the decision making process will never be the same.

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There are two main benefits of making a survey: For one side you gather vital information for the development of your business; on the other making surveys reinforces the image of your company in front of your customers.

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