How it works

The way Trendnova works is quite simple: You make a request to us, telling us exactly what kind of survey you want to send to your contacts. This request will include:

  • Recipients of your survey (are they customers, employees, prospects?).
  • Number of total population (e.g. your total number of customers) and number of persons who will be invited to complete the survey (e.g. you will send it only to 20% of your customers).
  • How many answers you expect to receive. This is important to determine the final cost of the survey.
  • Number and nature of the questions. We would recommend you to try not exceed 10 questions to get the most from your survey. If your survey reaches 15 questions, something may be going wrong in the design.
  • If you want to make the survey accessible from a starting date to a ending date or to finish it after a number of answers received.

You can send us this information via our "Ask for a quote" form.

We strongly recommend you to allow us to take part in the survey design process. Our personnel have deep knowledge of survey design and interpretation. For an affordable fee we can work with you in both the first stages of the survey and in the interpretation phase to make your information gathering project a success.

We develop and host the survey

Once the question list is closed, we will implement the survey and send you the URL (web address) of the online survey so that you can check it. It takes a very short time (about 2 working days) to produce the survey. After your approval, the survey is ready to be sent. We will make it available to your contacts and you can send them a message containing the address of the online survey.

Mobile-friendly surveysUnder customer specifications we can design the survey specifically for mobile devices, like smart phones or tablets. Those surveys are implemented according to HTML5 standard so that they are compatible with devices like iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Once the survey is published, we will send you two web links: one for participating in the survey and a second one for you to have access to your administrative report.

You invite your contacts

Unless we agree differently, we never have access to your contact list. You take care of inviting your contacts to take part in the survey. In this way you never share your databases and you can segment or sample your database according to your interest.

Real-time report

As soon as the contacts begin to answer the survey, you will have online, real-time results available through an administrative, password-protected web interface.

Real-time survey report

When the survey is finished — after a number of answers or when the ending date is reached, at your convenience — we will close the survey and you will still be able to consult the results and export them in CSV (Excel and OpenOffice readable) and XML (transformable into HTML, PDF, and Word/RTF output) formats.

One more time, we recommend you to take advantage of our knowledge in statistical interpretation to make the most from the data you have gathered. We would provide you with a document with the interpretation of the information and a summary for you to deliver or present to your team, manager or associates. Ask for a quote to obtain more information on this service.

Done! You have not only data, but useful information in hand, ready to help you in your business.

IMPORTANT: Trendnova makes analysis only on surveys in whose design took part.




There are two main benefits of making a survey: For one side you gather vital information for the development of your business; on the other making surveys reinforces the image of your company in front of your customers.

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