Seminar evaluation survey
New World Seminars, as a company providing professional education to our customers, has the aim of improving the quality of our services. For this reason we would thank you if you could take the time to fullfil this short survey.
1. What kind of organization is yours?
2. Gender
3. What is your age group?
4. Did the seminar take place in your city of residence? Yes    No
5. How did you knew about this seminar in the first place?
6. How do you evaluate instructor explanations and answers?
7. Did the instructor make the seminar interesting?
8. How do you evaluate the relationship between the attendants and the instructor?
9. How do you overall evaluate the instructor?
10. Did you find the seminar interesting?
11. Did you find the content of the seminar will be useful for your daily work?
12. Did you find seminar printed and multimedia materials helpful?
13. How do you overall evaluate the seminar?
14. How do you evaluate the seminar room and facilities?
15. Would you recommend this seminar to other people? Yes    No
16. Please feel free to write here any additional comments or suggestions
Thank you for taking part in this survey. It will help us to improve our services and to improve the quality of our seminars.
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