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Our online survey service can provide you with plenty of benefits for your organization: detection of customer needs, planning, marketing decision-making, human resources research, prospect behavior analysis and much more.

Please consider the advantages of a professional survey service:

  • Easy and quick to implement: Our average survey takes only two business days to be active, after your approval of the questions.
  • Cost-effective: A simple survey can cost only 165€ (VAT not included).
  • Professional support: our personnel are willing to help you design and interpret the results of your survey. You can rely on our comprehensive knowledge of statistics to fully understand what the data are telling you.
  • Independence: Not being part of your organization, we can provide the independence needed to really understand a business or organizational situation.
  • Improve your public image: We not only keep your website aspect and logo. Putting your surveys in hands of professionals, you are showing the importance you give to customer care and information gathering, making a difference with your competitors.

If you are thinking about the possibility of making a survey and you are not sure if it would be a good idea, you may consider that in today's world the gathering of information in such a competitive environment can be the difference between success and failure. You need to know what is in your customers', prospects', resellers' or employees' minds before you make your next move.

For more information please read this article: Why make a survey?.

But think that it is not easy to make the right survey: the design process is essential to obtain the information you are looking for. The insight of professional advice can keep you away from biased questions that can return you unhelpful or even ill-oriented information.

Even if you are able to get rid of all biases, take into account that after gathering the data you may need help to extract information form them. Remember: data is not equal to information. Information has to be useful in decision-making processes. A flood of data can be just a waste of time.




There are two main benefits of making a survey: For one side you gather vital information for the development of your business; on the other making surveys reinforces the image of your company in front of your customers.

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