About us

Trendnova is a specialized online service devoted to helping middle-sized and small companies to stay in touch with their customers', prospects' and employees' opinions.

Our consulting personnel are specialized in Sociology applied to organizations and statistical data management.

We offer a precise, competitive and easy way for companies to make independent online surveys so that they can gather valuable and useful information to make business decisions.

Trendnova is a division of Tarsis.net SL, a Spanish Internet agency and consultancy which provides enterprise Internet services. Tarsis.net SL is a European Union (EU) registered company fully compliant with EU regulations regarding data use and custody.

Some of our customers are:

  • Motorola Solutions EMEA
  • Symbol Technologies EMEA
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions Spain
  • Akamai
  • Autodesk
  • 3Com Corporation EMEA
  • Comtrend Europe

Information about the company is available in the document About Tarsis.net.




There are two main benefits of making a survey: For one side you gather vital information for the development of your business; on the other making surveys reinforces the image of your company in front of your customers.

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