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Trendnova is a really affordable solution for middle-sized and small businesses. There are three different concepts we would invoice you for:

  • Survey: The activation of a survey has a unique fee of 150€. This covers the setup of the survey code, database, administrative password-protected interface (results) and the development of a simple HTML template according to the look of your website with your logo, colors, etc.
  • Answers: Every answer received in our databases will have a cost of 0.50€. If your survey receives more than 1,000 answers we will apply a discount. This way you can have control on the cost of your survey, since one of the ways of closing it is to reach certain number of answers (which we would suggest depending on your total population, e.g. the total number of your customers and the reliability level you would like to reach). Besides, in the case your surveyees do not feel co-operative, you will not be wasting a large amount of money for just getting few answers.
  • Consultancy: Our personnel can help you to both design the most accurate survey and to precisely interpret the results. This statistical interpretation service includes a document with the interpretation of the information and a summary for you to deliver or present to your team, manager or associates. The price of these two services (design and interpretation) depend on the number of questions involved in the survey. For more information on these services, please ask for a quote.


Case A: Just a plain survey, any number of questions (up to 20), without consultancy, and 47 answers as limit (for a population of 250). Final cost: 173.70€ (VAT not included).

Case B: Middle survey, with 5 questions, 104 answers (for a population of 500) and design consultancy. Final cost: 362.01€ (VAT not included).

Case C: Large survey, with 7 questions, 251 answers (for a population of 1,000), desing consultancy and interpretation consultancy. Final cost: 1,575.72€ (VAT not included).

PLEASE NOTE: Prices does not include VAT. The above examples are based on a reliability level of 95%. Prices on the examples are not binding; final prices will depend on the particular case.




There are two main benefits of making a survey: For one side you gather vital information for the development of your business; on the other making surveys reinforces the image of your company in front of your customers.

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